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Car Parking in St Ives

New for 2011

Car Parking in St Ives

There are several public car parks in St Ives which are listed below. We have arranged our own reserved parking space in St Ives. It is off the road in a residential area just off the High Street.

The parking space is ideally placed for getting in and out of St Ives. You can now go exploring the beautiful surrounding countryside without having to worry about whether you can get back into the public car parks at the end of the day.

From 2011 our parking space is free to all our guests at 1 Island Square

NOTE: We have recently been informed that as of 1st November 2013, we will no longer be able to use our current parking space. We will be looking to rent a new space but at this time this is not guaranteed.

Public Car Parks

For general information we have listed the public car parks below. The numbers on the map refer to “Map Position” on the list below

1. Sloop
2. Smeatons Pier
3. Island
4. Porthmeor
5. Barnoon
6. Station
7. Park Avenue
8. Trenwith

Up to date pricing can be found at: