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About the House

I Island Square is a Grade II listed house situated in conservation area, minutes away from the busy harbour and beautiful sandy beaches.

The deeds show that the house existed in the 1850s and since then generations of the same family from the fishing community  have always lived there.

It was built on three levels. The cellar, with a stable door out a small courtyard, was originally used for mending nets and storage. There is a boat ring under the floor used for pulling boats up the hill from the harbour to overwinter them. Also discovered in the floor was a very large deep box, possibly used for storing crab bait. From the thirties, this room was used as a kitchen with table and chairs for family meals and it remains today a large live-in kitchen.

The ground floor  consists of two reception rooms. There is spacious living room with the family harmonium or organ which originated in Philadelphia at the turn of the twentieth century and which in the last century was played by most of the family for hymn singing and family gatherings and a smaller room with desk for those who need to do some work whilst on holiday.

The three bedrooms on the first floor originally had jug and bowls in the room for washing but we are pleased to say there is now also a modern bathroom.

This has been a house of happy families, friends and fun against the dramatic background of the fishing industry.

We hope you enjoy it.